We’ll start by making a simple comparison. Imagine if a car manufacturer asked you how much you spent on fuel, then on how much your servicing costs, then how much your tax costs, then how much your insurance costs, you’d be surprised about how much your car costs you per year. Your printer is exactly the same. Now imagine if a car manufacturer could lease you a car which took into consideration fuel, servicing, repair, tax and insurance at a price significantly less than your yearly outlay at the moment, many would jump at the opportunity. A managed print service follows this model and reduces costs by providing inks, toners, spare parts and servicing included in a scalable, manageable and economical price fixed price.

Cost reduction is a priority within todays business landscape and whilst many organisations have strategies in place to streamline processes and increase sales, many overlook print costs to such an extent that the IT industry now class printing as the last uncontrolled cost space within the network. With a managed print service, we will work with you to assist the design and implementation of your print workflow, completely tailored to your business requirements.

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