It is a common misconception that small business don’t require servers. Well, in our experience, servers and virtualization systems are even more beneficial for small businesses than they are for larger ones. If you are part of a small, collaborative team or start-up organisation then communication and productivity is paramount. Servers allow these types of organisations to achieve their goals, working as a nimble team.


A server can deliver significant efficiencies to your business that can often save money. For example, it provides a single, centralised hub for information and resources which makes it easier to find the right information quickly. A server also enables the use of fewer printers and fax machines, as these resources are shared over dedicated networks. This results in less maintenance and fewer hardware costs. Secondly, by adding a server infrastructure to your workflow, you are no longer restricted by physical access to resources, as these resources are now available over virtual private networks and cloud systems. This means that you can access important information when you need it the most. In addition, servers are able to back up important information, improving the security of your assets.


Here at Sevenoaks Computers, we provide server systems for small and large enterprises alike. We are able to tailor our server systems to your specific needs, whether that is a centralized data storage system, or a sophisticated virtual private network system. Call us today to arrange a free consulatation.