hmesupport.jpg     No matter how big or how small the job, we love it.5.pngNot just for business, we’re passionate about keeping your IT in tiptop shape in your home too!
  • Laptop & PC Upgrades & Servicing
  • Printer Repair & Install
  • Software Updates & Install
  • Virus Protection
  • Data Backup – External Drives
  • Wireless Networks
  • Computer Health Check
  • Training
  • Broadband Support
  • Computer Repair

Hardware & Software Support

We provide Onsite Support for our customers to help with day to day problems and fix your system when things go wrong. You can choose between our scheduled services with remote support, giving you the best value access to our engineers or a Pay as you go Service.


Health Checks

Health Checks can be carried out as part of the overall computer system support.

An anuual health check can be an important part of problem preventation covering areas such as disk fragmentation and usage, directory integrity, bug fixes and patches.

The information gathered from the audit reports and computer support issues can provide the basis of accurate information to determine what changes to your system hardware and software may be required.


Security Audit

The data security audits will detail the current procedures, systems and computer problems and give recommendations as to any required action.

Part of the recommendations can be to provide regular checks on the integrity of the computer security system.

Provision can be made to store and check data backup off-site as well as providing external virus checking on all incoming and outgoing e-mails and their attachments.


Disaster Recovery

Prior to the event of a disaster, Sevenoaks Computers is fully equipped to offer a “Disaster Recovery Plan”.

Our objective is for users to have a fully operable working computer system with a minimum of downtime, to ensure continuous workflow.

This will involve backup procedures to ensure an up to date backup exists, and it is recommended that a current backup is stored off-site.

We can advise on the various backup methods and which would best suit your needs, such as Tape Drives, DVD RW, External Hard Drives, RAID Configuration, Online Backups and Imaging.