Payroll and HR

Are you struggling with your Payroll and looking for more?

Is juggling staffs’ time off no holiday?

Ever thought that there must be a better solution?

I have. I couldn’t believe with the advent of all the apps for everything, tablets and online software that someone hadn’t done a better job with payroll. We seemed to be destined to pay ever increasing yearly subscriptions just to do the same thing and keep up with the Government legislation, which changes every year.

We are delighted to say we have found something different, where companies pay per employee (from £2.00)  and the costs scale down as your company gets bigger, where employees can easily see their payslips and holiday entitlement, without having to constantly refer to the accounts department.

With online menus and data entry forms things have got simpler, and the beauty of it is there are no more annual updates or hike in costs, just a consistent database that delivers the information and reports you need to make informed decisions.

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  • Give your employees access to payslips and pay documents anywhere, anytime via their PCs, tablets or mobile devices.
  • Don’t get caught out by the impending fines, we can help you comply with auto enrollment legislation now.
  • Access our cloud-based HR software without expensive IT requirements, or software updates and get additional features such as holiday bookings and talent management.

Let us take care of your entire payroll operation and ensure you are compliant with the latest payroll and HR legislation. Learn More

Around half of medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners do not understand what auto enrollment is and, just as seriously, 82% do not know the rough cost of auto enrollment for their companies, according to a recent survey by pension specialist Clifton Wealth.

It also appears business owners are leaving their preparations for auto enrollment too late, with 90% of those with a staging date within the next 12 months saying they have not started planning.

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