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Sevenoaks Computers offers fast and reliable broadband services.

Our services include High Quality broadband streams get the most out of a connection, giving a faster and more reliable connection than the mass market products, and help low signal connections maintain a consistent service.

We have two ranges of Broadband service to suit your requirements:

Xperience Broadband

An Inclusive usage package for the heavier user, with reasonable use 100Gb /month

Xpert Broadband

Pre-agreed usage levels to give reduced tariffs for the lite user and unlimited, unrestricted, capacity for demanding users.
 Xpert Broadband – High Speed – Tariff  Monthly  Monthly      
 Name  Description  Inc Vat   Nett  Migrate  Setup  
 Xpert Plus Lite  Annex M ADSL2+ Broadband with 2GB inc.  £16.85  £14.04  £15.00  £50.00  
 Xpert Max Lite  High Quality Max broadband with 2GB inc.  £19.90  £16.58  £15.00  £50.00  
 Xpert Pro Lite  Annex M ADSL2+ Broadband with 2GB inc.  £35.00  £29.17 £15.00   £50.00  
  Xperience Broadband – High Speed – Inclusive  Monthly  Monthly      
Name  Description  Inc Vat Nett  Migrate  Setup More
Xperience Max Max Premium Broadband £29.00 £24.17 £15.00 £50.00 Details
Xperience Plus ADSL2+ Premium Broadband £35.00 £29.17 £15.00 £50.00 Details
Xperience Pro Annex M ADSL 2+ Premium Broadband £45.00 £37.50 £15.00 £50.00 Details


Local Help – no call centres

We support our services direct from our Sevenoaks Office. Real engineers + no scripts = quick painless problem solving, when things go arry, and the pressure is on.

Business Broadband

Our business broadband services are second to none and essential for the modern business that depends on its connection to the outside world. We offer a range of services to ensure that you can have near 100% reliable broadband, rated for business use, and benefiting from:

  • 24 x 7 Internet access*
  • Up to 500/1000/2000/8000Kb/s download speeds**
  • Up to 800Kb/s upload speed
  • Minimum downstream throughput 40% of rated bandwidth(up to 2000Kb/s)
  • Minimum downstream throughput 1200K of rated bandwidth for MAX
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Reverse DNS entries
  • No port blocking
  • No proxy servers
  • Fully redundant network, multiple pops and peering
  • Dedicated account management
  • Dedicated technical support
  • Installation within 10 working days

* Non business traffic may be restricted within business hours in order to protect legitimate business traffic. More specifically we may restrict peer to peer and news group traffic from 9am to 6pm.

**Top speeds can vary significantly, in particular because of a user’s distance from their local exchange.


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