The server is the most critical piece of hardware in any small business. Regardless of whether it’s in a room across the hallway or hosted in our dedicated data centre, you want to know that the resources are secure and reliable.   Fujitsu PRIMENERGY servers deliver cost-effective, productive and agile performance to suit your rapidly evolving and ever increasing business erver requirements. In addition, the sophisticated enery-saving technology enables your business to reduce operational costs, minimising your carbon footprint whilst maintaining the reliability and performance you require.


For the small busines, the PRIMENERGY MX server is a reliable, small and effective solution for basing file, web or print servies. These rack mount servers are space and cost efficient, minimising the valuable real estate of your premise. At Sevenoaks Computers, we offer these server systems in a remote environment, if space is an issue.   For the larger organisation and branch offices, the PRIMENERGY RX range will increase your operational efficiency by providing rock solid stability. These rack mounted and expandable server units can work in tandem to provide scalability should your requirements expand. These efficient units provide 20% better energy ratings than competitor products.   Finally, if your business requires a data centre then Fujitsu PRIMENERGY BX servers provide a completely dynamic server infrastructure in a box. These servers are capable to cope with peak workloads and will empower you to respond to rapidly changing needs, particularly if you require maximum availability or a virtualized environment.


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