Traditional ISDN services are expensive and inflexible. If you have a PBX on premise our SIP Trunks are a replacement for ISDN. You may be able to benefit from the scalability and flexibility of IP telephony without having to replace your entire phone system.

Competitive Features

VoIP is the technology underpinning current telephony standards. Many improvements are made over traditional analogue and ISDN phone “lines”. The connection an IP-PBX (your IP enabled phone system) makes to our network is called a SIP Trunk. We are SIP Trunk experts.

Our SIP Trunks connect your business to the telephone network (PSTN) and to our cloud communication systems

  • VoIP provides a lower cost alternative to the traditional networks
  • VoIP is scalable on an individual channel basis and extra capacity can be added or removed without additional cabling work.
  • For multi-site organisations all internal phones can be on the same network, so calls between sites within the organisation are
    potentially toll free
  • Number portability is assured and simple, even when moving long distance. This means you can keep your number, even if you move out of area, or relocate your business overseas.
  • Disaster recovery is fast, with automatic failure detection and automatic call re-routes

Our portfolio consists of everything you’d expect from a Telecoms solutions provider such as Hosted telephony, SIP trunks, Voice Connectivity, Phone systems from private houses to multi-site businesses.

Sevox Solo


Sevox Solo is the ideal solution for the growing number of sole trader businesses within the UK. So whether you’re a trades person, professional driver or consultant,Sevox Solo is what you need. For more information on what Sevox Solo is and how it can help your business click here.

Sevox Office


Perfectly positioned for businesses that have two or more employees, Sevox Office provides all the features you’d expect from a big business phone system but without all of the headaches. For more information on what Sevox Office is and how it can help your business click here.

iBoxx by Sevox


Coming soon, iBoxx by Sevox gives you all the great features of the Sevox hosted platform but in an on-premise IP PBX solution.

Sevox Mobile


Coming soon, Sevox Mobile delivers the latest mobile communications solutions including tablets, smartphones and handsets with the best value business tariffs and bundles.

Sevox Trunks


Sevox Trunks are our direct ISDN replacement service that gives enhanced features and greater reliability. Fully managed from the customer premises, one call fixes it all. For more information on how Sevox Trunks can help your business click here.

Sevox Numbers


Whether it’s a non-geographic number (0844, etc) or a geographic number (01/02) you need, we can help. Our numbering solution allows you to acquire and manage the right telephone number for your business. For more information on how Sevox Numbers can help your business click here.

Sevox Connect


Whatever line of business you’re in, you’ll most likely need some form of connectivity to the outside world. As well as providing the Assured Access Circuits required for our Sevox Office solution we can also provide more traditional forms of connectivity. Click here for more details regarding our connectivity solutions.

Sevox Desktop


Coming soon, Sevox Desktop provides you with all the services and applications you need to run your business including Cloud Desktop, Hosted Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, etc…

Sevox Video


Coming soon, Sevox Video is a revolutionary Video Conferencing solution designed with the SME in mind.