Managed Print Services

Print Office Starter £35 / month

For small office business / mainly mono prints. Includes A4 Colour Multi-function 1,000 Prints 5% Colour Includes Printer, Parts, Toners & Servicing.


Print Office Pro £65 / month

For SOHO businesses with regular colour printing. Includes A4 Colour Multi-function 2,000 Prints 25% Colour Includes Printer, Parts, Toners & Servicing.

Print Office Workhorse £99 / month

For busy offices with A3 & A4 prints Includes A3 Colour Multi-function 3,000 Prints 25% Colour Includes Printer, Parts, Toners & Servicing.

Print Office Master £165 / month

For heavier print offices with large colour output. Includes A3 Colour Multi-function 5,000 Prints 50% Colour Includes Printer, Parts, Toners & Servicing.

Is your office printing creating a hole in your budgets?

We offer companies a reduction in their monthly outlay on toner and consumables by providing an all-inclusive monthly payment.

This monthly payment covers all your printer costs and includes

  • All Toner and Consumables (including fusers, transfer belts etc.)
  • Onsite warranty and services required for the printers.
  • A range of printers to suit your office requirements (A3 and A4).
  • Class leading, environmentally friendly printers.
  • Local telephone and remote support.
  • All spare parts
  • The option to upgrade as your business grows.
  • The option to refresh the printers every three years.
  • A fixed price agreement, to let you print, knowing the costs in advance.

Cut the cost of printing

Print solutions designed around your office, from small offices to multi print office and schools.

Free onsite review

Need help managing your print budgets? We offer a free onsite review of your office printing system, so you can make an informed decision on where you can improve.

Develop Ineo + 558


  • Multi-touch operation similar to smartphone or tablet
  • Outstanding productivity & reliability
  • Flexible finishing and media versatility
  • Low energy consumption and outstanding eco performance

Papercut - The smarter way to print

Reduce print costs

PaperCut makes it easy to manage your devices without the complexity. Allocate printing to departments, cost-centers and users with shared accounts. Report on usage. Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell and mixed-fleet environments.

Find out more.

Down to earth advice on how to improve your printing efficiency.

Print costs are often overlooked, there are great savings to be made.

  • Better budgetary control – customers can accurately predict monthly and yearly printing costs.
  • Better print management – asset and usage reports available
  • Better user management – print policies for users.
  • Better document production from Samsung’s award winning printers
  • Reduced energy bills – latest energy efficient printers available.
  • Increased efficiency – engineers can be booked quickly without a cost authorisation.
  • Shorter service and problem resolution – all our engineers  are trained and accredited by Samsung.
  • Staff time freed up from searching for and buying toner – we deliver to site.
  • Customers receive a fully managed and optimised printing environment.
  • Customers’ productivity improved by minimising downtime – locally based engineers.
  • User satisfaction increased by replacing poor maintenance with regular services.
  • Better use of resources – printer management allows customers to easily reorganize printing devices based on appropriate usage and user needs

      We only offer our Managed print solutions where we will save you money.