24/7 Remote Server Monitoring  Support and Management:

It’s a hosted system with no initial hardware or software investment, no minimum quantities and no lock-in. And best of all, it’s set up and delivering for you within minutes.

Originally designed for big business now delivered to Small businesses from £25 per client. Our range of MSP services support businesses of all sizes & budgets.

Our Remote Management helps deliver increased up time to your employees by quick, easy monitoring of networking equipment & connectivity—leading to increased customer satisfaction and revenue for you.moinitor

    • Security:

      Silent Monitoring of your IT system to ensure your systems remain updated, including vulnerability and hacking attempts.

    • Performance:

      Event logs, services, RAM, disk space, disk utilization, checked to ensure optimum performance.

    • Easy Alerting:

      Automatic Monitoring of alerts to deal with problems before they become an issue, often before the user is aware.

  • One Single Dashboard:

    For all technical tasks across all your sites & equipment, ensures efficient use of our resources, allowing delivery of an enterprise service for a price to suit!

Remote Help Desk:

When users call the support help desk for remote assistance, they are able to share their screen with the help desk technician.

This connection is done via an internet connection and is completely private and secure.

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This Remote Support service means that:

• Users’ technical problems are solved faster.
• Computer problems are solved without the need for a visit by a technician.
• Calls are shorter and therefore cheaper, as the technician starts work on your computer system immediately.
• Calls are less stressful because the user does not have to explain what is on the screen.

  • Remote Support service requires Broadband and initial set-up.