Why should you lease your IT solution?

Leasing is a means to pay for any capital purchase with low fixed monthly rentals, this means you can budget your annual cash flow with ease.

  • Leasing the equipment over an agreed term in line with your anticipated life expectation for the product means you never have to write off large single sums at the end of life.
  • Even if you have the cash to invest, could your money make more of opportunities elsewhere and provide a greater return on your capital.
  • A rental plan allows your business to move forward utilising the latest technology products and keeps you one-step ahead of your competitors.
  • All rentals are fully allowable against taxable income, similar cash purchases are not. This makes leasing a sensible choice financially.

Sevenoaks Computers can arrange flexible finance agreements. We can tailor payment patterns to suit you and assist you all the way. We also offer special rates to the education, professions and public sectors.

  • Reduce travel costs — by setting up meetings online, you can present as if your customers were in the room.
  • Keep in touch with the business — with access to e-mail from virtually anywhere on any devices.
  • Be more responsive — edit documents and review presentations on the go.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected — help your teams work effectively and flexibly when faced with problems like road closures, rail strikes and floods.
  • Save money — with a complete communications solution throughout your entire business, including voice management from your desktop and on-site conferencing.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs — you can benefit from our subscription service model. Meaning you can better serve your customers without the need to deploy and maintain all of your software and hardware on-premise.


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