At Sevenaoks Computers we understand that IT problems, large or small, can cost your company money.

 [Peace of mind]

We aim to offer our premium customers complete peace of mind with a total solution for their network system. 80% of business fails after data failure; a system is only secure when disaster has been planned for. A traditional backup will backup your data files but not your system. In the event of failure a full install of the system is necessary before your data can restored. This could leave your system down for days. Our premium contract includes backup and recovery software that captures your system as well as your data to ensure that your system can be up and running as quickly as possible – hours later. Backups must be tested to ensure a robust system, our premium contract includes scheduled restores of part data and full server recovery to ensure you are safe in our hands.

[Fast Response]

We offer a fast response to problems. Our contract defines Service Level Agreements getting an engineer to you quickly, as well as a defining our first response. We able to able to get on to you and your customers machines remotely – using client authorised software to access any internet based PC in the country. This gives you flexibility to draw on our services when you need them.

[Keeping Pace with your business] 
As your business grows and develops we are able to offer you the support to cope with the changes. From adding and updating users on the system, to managing your software and hardware, we keep pace with business growth, allowing a progressive approach to your IT system. We can plan for machine replacement and software patches, upgrades and replacement to match a regular budget and streamline your IT investments.

With a system failure it often the hardware that’s needs replacing – our premium contract ensure that we have spare servers to restore your data to when one of your server fails. These servers also give us the capacity to test your backups without any downtime. 

Not only will our business support packages ensure that any problems are solved fast, but our pro-active support, including monthly maintenance visits, monitoring and backups, can prevent many IT problems from occuring.

Our consultancy services are handled by professionals in business and IT. By looking at your business processes and matching it to the correct IT solution, our team will take you through from system concept, to system design, to roll out.

Our team of qualified engineers, including Microsoft Certified Engineers, build, test and maintain all our own hardware, from standalone personal computers to full networked solutions.

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